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UTD Trends

UTD Trends is a tool that lets students view historical grade distributions, course evaluation data, and more from previously taught class sections.

UTD Trends is in part supported by both The Mercury, and the Nebula Labs API Team. To obtain the historical grades data, the Mercury submits a Freedom of Information Act request shortly after a semester ends, and then Nebula Labs uploads that data to the UTD Trends database. This data is then processed by our backend team and is augmented by data gathered through web scraping.


UTD Grades was created by Bharat Arimilli, former web editor for the Mercury, based off a concept by UNT Grades, a website built by Jeffrey Wang while he was a student the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science at the University of North Texas. The project was built as a part of ACM UTD's Labs initiative and maintained by its team. In summer 2021, UTD Grades became a Nebula Labs project to give it better focus.

In fall 2021, Nebula Labs announced that UTD Grades would get an upgrade due for spring 2022. This upgrade would revamp the interface to provide more information to students.

In spring 2022, Nebula Labs split with ACM, and handed maintenance of UTD Grades to ACM Development. Nebula Labs subsequently rebranded the UTD Grades upgrade to UTD Trends and continued development.


We're always looking for people to help build features and maintain Project Nebula's apps.

If you're interested in contributing to our iteration upon UTD Grades, see our project on GitHub to get involved!

If you have other questions, contact us at!